Sacred cities and cenotes, gates to the underworld.

Between the heavens and the underworld. The magnificent sacred cities of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal. The cenotes, gates to the underworld. A journey in time to magical eras.

Merida, the State capitol known as the White City, blends colonial charm with vibran, eclectic contemporary architecture. Old haciendas, witness of the wealth of the state, make luxurious, charming accomodations surrounded by nature.

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Merida is also in the vanguard of profress in medial sciences, higher education and industry, and is one of the top meetings & events destinations in Mexico.

Yucatan is home to some of the top Mayan destinations such as Chichen Itza - of worldwide fame- and the Puuc region, where Uxmal is the most outstanding site.

Cenotes are unique. They were considered by the Maya as entrances to the underworld. Today they offer the extraordinary experience of swimming in cristaline waters. On the coast, the greatest attraction are the hundreds of thousands of flamingoes and other birds nesting at the Ria de Celestun Biosphere Reserve, and kilometers of charming beaches at the Progreso port.