Sumidero Canyon National Park

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The Sumidero Canyon is located between Tuxtla Gutiérrez and Chiapa de Corzo. It is a geological fault that was formed millions of years ago, where the Grijalva River lies, and it is considered as one of the most spectacular places in Mexico. Its walls are over 900 meters high, and beautiful features can be appreciated along them, such as “Cueva de Colores” (cave of colors) and “Cascada Árbol de Navidad” (Christmas tree waterfall). The tour through the canyon down the Grijalva River is one of the most spectacular in Mexico. On its almost vertical walls, there are several colorful caves and waterfalls, such as the so called "Árbol de Navidad" (Christmas tree). Birds and monkeys abound in the area, and you can see crocodiles on the banks of the river.

An abundant natural wealth has grown around the canyon, which it why it has been named a National Park. One of the main characteristics of the area is its diverse vegetation, which varies according to the height at which it is located, on tours through the canyon, bromeliads as well as pine or oak can be seen. Due to the slopes and greater humidity inside the canyon, middle and high mountain areas have developed, where ceibas, apricots and ocotes prevail. Around the springs, rivers and streams, plants such as begonias, ferns and mosses grow. This vegetation is the habitat and one of the last refuges of endangered species such as the great curassow, spider monkey and river crocodile and threatened species like the jaguarundi, ocelot, agouti, white-tailed deer, brocket deer, anteater and king vulture. Big and little surprises await you at every turn in the Sumidero Canyon. It is the perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors.


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