La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve

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Located along the Pacific coast, La Encrucijada is one of the most beautiful reserves in the State of Chiapas. It has an area of 144,868 hectares and is part of the Zaragoza Mangrove Natural Park which, as its name says, stands out for the abundance of mangroves in its coastal areas, as well as canals and permanently and seasonally flooded land. It was declared a Protected Area in 1995. Since then, its ecosystem has been subject to conservation and management, due to its great ecological importance and economic potential.

The flora and fauna are abundant. You can see over 90 species of birds such as the cinnamon teal, white pelican, magnificent frigatebird, sanquilargo, roseate spoonbill, heron and a bird species endemic to the state, the giant wren. Reptiles and mammals also inhabit the area such as the caiman, river crocodile, green iguana, different species of turtles, jaguar, spider monkey, white-tailed deer, ocelot, jaguarundi, otter, anteater, raccoon, among others.

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The island is an idyllic place and life is simple here.


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