Spectacular venues in cities overlooking the sea.

Why Campeche is your next venue

Magic, proximity, all the services and the first-class venues.

1. Meetings by the sea

Spectacular convention centres with a common denominator: ocean views.

Breathe in the Gulf Breeze....right from the event’s venue. Unforgettable.

Campeche extended its board walk to build the magnificent Campeche XXI Convention Centre, a commitment to modern design with rooms and patios that offer panoramic views of the Bay of Campeche beyond the board walk. With a total capacity of 5,000 people, this modern venue offers versatile spaces, easily divisible to meet the needs of the event.

Ciudad del Carmen recently opened the impressive Carmen XXI Convention Centre right beside the North Beach. It is a contemporary space with state-of-the-art services and capacity for 1,300 people. The mild climate of the Gulf can be enjoyed from its patios.

2. Campechan style

Take the stress out of your event. We’ll make it easy for you.

Our philosophy is to make your job easier. We will provide all our support in the planning of your event, large or small. Our service providers are first class. We can recommend our modern facilities or other unique venues to give a special touch to your event. Why not hold it in a Hacienda?

We provide attendees a relaxed environment to interact, learn and do business in. We offer our hospitality and experience. Relax, you’re in good hands.

3. Just two hours away

Two international airports and the longest bridge in the country.

Airports are located within 15 minutes from hotels and convention centers. There are daily direct flights between Mexico City and the Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen airports. The flights, with a duration of less than two hours, have frequent departure times.

Other cities with direct flights to/from airports in the State are Poza Rica, Villahermosa, Mérida and Houston in the U.S. Flights from Toluca, Tampico, Veracruz, and Matamoros also arrive to Ciudad del Carmen’s airport.

Journeys through the centre of the country are along Route 180. To connect Isla del Carmen with the mainland, the Zacatal Bridge was built, which at 3,222 metres makes it the longest in Mexico. From Mexico City, travel time is 9 hours 30 minutes to Ciudad del Carmen, and 12 hours to Campeche.

4. The walled city

Campeche City is the perfect place to hold a magical event.

Under siege for centuries by the dreaded pirates of the Caribbean, Campeche erected a sophisticated defensive system. Walls, forts and bastions, which have remained intact, protect the exquisite 16th century urban area. A World Heritage Site, a walled city, a living museum. A unique setting for an unforgettable event, where you will enjoy spectacular sunsets.

The modern Convention Centre was built beside the sea by the board walk, inviting visitors to stroll along it and enjoy the essence of this quiet and beautiful city that maintains its small-town character while being committed to modernity. 1,000 high-quality hotel rooms guarantee the best stay for attendees of any event.

5. The pearl of the golf

A city on an island between the sea and a sanctuary full of biodiversity.

Isla del Carmen is an idyllic place for an event. This city, with its colonial past and modern infrastructure (it is one of the centres of the oil industry), has recently opened a Convention Centre that can comfortably accommodate events for 1,300 people, with first class hotels and excellent connectivity.

It is also an island of white sand beaches, mangroves and coral. It is an ideal place to relax after an event is Isla Aguada, see the magnificent biodiversity of the Laguna de Términos’ APFF (Area of Protection of Flora and Fauna) aboard a boat, and go bird watching and enjoy delicious traditional seafood dishes.

6. Mayan metropolis and nature

An incentive trip or an unforgettable activity. Jungle, mangrove, sea and rocks.

Edzná, a magnificent Mayan ceremonial centre where Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto was filmed, lies close to the city of Campeche. Don’t hesitate to include its sound and light show in your event’s programme.

For a pre- or post-event activity, the crown jewel of Campeche is undoubtedly Calakmul, a World Heritage Site that is situated in the middle of a Biosphere Reserve with extraordinary biodiversity. Don’t forget to visit the magnificent polychrome friezes of the Balamkú Jaguar Temple.

The Petenes Biosphere Reserve, north of the city of Campeche, is a great place to explore the inaccessible world of mangroves and fish for tarpon. The Laguna de Términos’ Area of Protection of Flora and Fauna is situated beside Ciudad del Carmen. It is sanctuary for manatees and dolphins, home to crocodiles and the perfect place for bird watching.

About Campeche

Campeche, jungle and sea, pyramids and strength, rivers and beaches. Inhabited since ancient times, Campeche amazes its visitors with its colourful colonial streets, the imposing strength of its bastions and pyramids, and the serenity of its calm sea.

Its two cities attract thousands of visitors every year. The first is to the north, the city of Campeche, a World Heritage Site. It is a quiet and clean city, where history can be felt in each stone. With it is modern facilities, it is the perfect place to add a touch of magic to any event.

The second is to the south, Ciudad del Carmen, which extends onto an island surrounded by sea and lagoons. It is a sanctuary for dolphins, manatees and turtles with long white sandy beaches. It is an important centre of the oil industry, and it has luxury hotels and all types of services for meetings.

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