Argovia Finca Resort

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Finca Argovia s/n, Carretera a nueva Alemania km 40, Tapachula, Chiapas


The current concept of this resort guarantees a personalized service for each guest. It seduces by its unique nature, its flora and fauna and its spectacular views from the mountains to the coast. Certified by Chiapas Treasures’ Seal,we offer you a unique and comfortable experience. The facility is designed in such a way that the guest mixesdirectly with the environment. To your enjoyment we offer four categories.

In a region renowned for its natural beauty and itscultural blending, there is a uniquely charming place: an organic, self-sustaining conservation farm called Argovia.

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The landscape, its rivers, its peculiar architecture, the mixture of European culture with racially mixed culture,bring about this extraordinary resort located Chiapas’ Sierra Madre foothills.

Our philosophy focuseson environment care and respect for our visitors to have an unforgettable experience while learning about the environment and its importance in our daily lives. Either to stay into spend just the day, there is a diversified agricultural concept- an original and innovative ecotourism experience.


Swimming pool, Bar, Restaurant, Meeting Room(s), Event Room(s), Spa, Transportation available