Río La Venta Canyon

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This canyon, which is approximately 80 kilometers long, is formed by walls up to 400 meters high and narrowings down to 10 meters. The geological fracture extends to vertical walls, caves, rapids and waterfalls from the El Aguacero Waterfall to the Malpaso dam. There is an area where the walls come together into a cave that becomes a funnel in the rainy season. Within the canyon, many of the caves were used for shelter by ancient human communities and they left traces of their presence behind them. The caves, with their massive limestone walls, stalactites, rushing streams and flora and fauna make Cañón Río La Venta one of the best places for nature and adventure tourism in Chiapas. The surrounding flora consists of a forest of mosses and ferns, and of the fauna that inhabit this area, highlights include the spider monkey, jaguar, heron, tapir, ocelot and puma.


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