Las Pichanchas

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Av. Central Oriente No. 837. Tuxtla Guitiérrez. Chiapas.


Arriving at the Las Pichanchas restaurant is an entire culinary and cultural experience. Your first sensation will be to listen to the beat of a marimba, sometimes romantic, sometimes fiery. You will note that as your liveliness increases, you'll begin to sing the melodies to yourself and your feet will start to tap to the beat. If that's not enough, at 9:00 every night, there is a multi-colored spectacle of regional dances, where the public participates with gusto and "hoots and hollers" for the occasion. Don't be surprised if you and your friends end up dancing to the sound of the marimba! Then you can go over the famous "pichanchas" menu. A "pozol," a well-chilled Pumpo® (traditional house drink) or "tascalate" with milk are must-have regional drinks and, together with some regional appetizers, will loosen you up. Afterwards, you can have some chipilin soup, dried beef with chirmol, cochito with Simojovel peppers, Chanfaina or some delicious chipilin tamales. We guarantee that your palate will be fully satisfied.