Toh Cok

Mayan Archaeology > Campeche

Federal Highway 261 Campeche – Hopelchén, 5 kilometers from Hopelchén towards Campeche


A Puuc style surprise on the road

A small site from the Classic Mayan era protected by the local town of Tahcok, part of Hopelchén, which is a kilometer away. From the highway you can see a residential structure with a Puuc style influence, with some Chenes style elements.

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Tohcok has six consolidated buildings; only part of the structure may be entered, where remnants of vaulted rooms and round columns can be seen.

The site is also a protected natural area that spans 5 hectares.



How to arrive

From the city of Campeche, take the Federal Highway 261 to Hopelchén; the site is located near kilometer 76.