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The site is located 137 kilometers from the city of Campeche, in the municipality of Hopelchén. There is a turn near kilometer 79 of the 261 federal highway that leads to a 32 kilometer paved road that goes straight to the site.


The most important capital in the Chenes area.

Built on a natural elevation with a flattened and divided summit, it covers an approximate area of 9 square kilometers. Santa Rosa Xtampak was an enormous city, with over ten ceremonial plazas which, during its golden age, was inhabited by 10,000 people. The buildings have a marked Chenes style, although there are some structures with a Puuc influence.

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The center of the city consists of courtyards and intercommunicated plaza. Some groups maintain a rectangular construction of three staggered floors with 40 rooms, well-cut stone walls, and lateral temples with main plazas decorated by columns and compound moldings, where bas-relief carvings, eight stelae and fragments of wall paintings were found.

The Palace, a building with three levels, has a total of 44 rooms which are communicated by two internal stairways. Recent studies discovered that there were 20 outer staircases. It is considered one of the best designed and constructed buildings, not only from the Chenes, but in the entire Mayan area.

The building with the serpent’s mouth has a Chenes style façade, although it contains certain Puuc traits. It is interesting due to its integral zoomorphic front which represents the monster of the Earth.

The biggest mound in Santa Rosa Xtampak is the Cerro de la Estrela (“Hill of the Stars”), which is associated with the only stelae on the site.


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Monday through Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00

How to arrive

From the city of Campeche, take highway 261 towards Hopelchen, close to kilometer 79 there is a turn to a 32-kilometer paved road that leads to the site.