Jungle metropolis.

Perfect co-existence of nature and history. Mangroves and islands of vegetation, dolphins and flamingoes. Colonnial cities and fishing villages. Extraordinary ruins.

Calakmul is a stunning World Heritage Site, a Maya city-state in the midst of the jungle with a legendary rivalry with the also mythical Tikal. Also, an hour away from Campeche, the traveler will recognize in Edzná the setting of the movie Apocalypto. This site is part of the Puuc route connecting Campeche with Yucatan.

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Rivers and rainforests offer excellent opportunities for nature and adventure activities. Two very different Biosphere Reserves: the jungles of Calakmul in the interior and the fascinating mangroves of the Petenes near Campeche. The Terminos Lagoon, next to Ciudad del Carmen, is a turtle, manatee and dolphin sanctuary. Up North, the flamingo colonies at Ria Celestun.

San Francisco de Campeche, a World Heritage Site, a city enclosed within fortresses and walls raised as protection from pirate attacks, preserves its colonial charm intact. Delightful for walking. Its relaxed atmosphere, luxurious hotels and haciendas, make it the perfect location for events, like Ciudad del Carmen, an oil industry hub.